Ross Brunson is a technical author, trainer and Open Source advocate. ┬áThe inventor of the first-ever LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Level 1 Bootcamp trainings, he’s also done projects and trainings for Linuxworld, Novell, Intel, IBM, HP and many other customers in the Fortune 1000.

Ross’s books include the LPIC Level 1 Exam Cram 2 by Pearson/Que, the Linux and Windows Complete Integration Guide by Wiley and technical authorship of over a dozen related titles.

Ross lives near Yellowstone Park in Montana and enjoys flying out to gigs, talking at trade shows and spending time with his friends, students and other geeks online.

You can contact Ross via most communication protocols, he’s fluent in Bocce, Skype, Email and many others.

email: ross (at) brunson (dot) org
skype: rossbrunson
phone: 406-eightfoureight-1875

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